The word of HEXTA is originated from the combination of hex and star, which represents the 6-star quality that the company stands behind for its product and services. The founder of the company has 25 years of extensive experience in Indonesian Transformer Industry. His vision of making a better transformer for his country has been the main driven force to the birth of HEXTA.

Incorporated with recent technology advancement brought in by foreign expertise, a new generation of design of transformer has become the standard for HEXTA transformer and transformer standards which are finally being introduced in Indonesia, for Indonesia and by 100% Indonesian.

The proud made-in-Indonesia HEXTA transformer provides unique energy saving feature to help its customers curtail the challenge in this high-energy price era. Its main features and manufacture characteristics is explained in more detail.

HEXTA Transformer are consist of 6 Industrial division, you can find your interested products from the following route, the detailed technical specification will better for your understand and reference.



Jl. Tol Cikampek KM.26, Bekasi Jawa Barat - INDONESIA

PT. Hexta Integral Technology adalah perusahaan yang bergerak dalam manufacturing peralatan kelistrikan untuk industri. Kami membuat dan menyediakan transformer distribusi, transformer auto dan isolasi, stabilizer digital sistem kelistrikan satu dan tiga phasa dengan beragam kapasitas yang bisa diandalkan.