Stabilizer Buying Guide

Choosing the Right Stabilizer

Selecting the right stabilizer is very critical for the safety of the equipment. The right stabilizer will depend on its application. Here are the steps to choose the right stabilizer:

1. Check Power Rating of Equipment

Check the power rating of all the equipment to be connected to the stabilizer. This information is usually written on the rating plate attached to the equipment. If not, contact the manufacturers. The ratings are normally quoted in KVA.

2. Determine the Stabilizer Capacity

Calculate the total rating in KVA of all the equipment that will be connected to the stabilizer. The capacity of the stabilizer must be 20-30% higher than the total rating of the load. This is crucial for safety purposes and it allows for expansion when more load is connected in the future. Undersizing a stabilizer will cause unnecessary heating and can result in the failure of the unit and damage to the loads connected to it.

3. Select Stabilizer

Select a single or three phase stabilizer based on the determined capacity and its application.

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Suppose the appliance is rated as 1 KVA. Therefore, the minimum safety margin of 20% is 200 VA. By adding the margin to actual rating, it is concluded that a 1.2 KVA stabilizer is needed for the use of the appliance.

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