Yoritsu Three Phase Slide Regulator is an efficient and trouble-free device for controlling AC voltage. Unlike other slide regulators, Yoritsu Slide Regulator has a transformation ratio that runs easily and keeps changing so that the output of the unit can be controlled from zero to a certain voltage or even higher.


Yoritsu Three Phase Slide Regulator comes in 2 models: Uncovered and Covered.  Their power ratings range from 6 KVA to 60KVA.


  • Regulates voltage (testing the electrical voltage of electronic equipment under voltage and over voltage).
  • Speed control Lighting control in cinemas, hotels, photography studios
  • Standing Motor Test 
  • Power supply Control of industrial process heating
  • Source voltage & load of the bank for electrical testing


  • Efficient - changing power is more efficient than rheostats.
  • Durable - because it runs cold (max 40/50 ° C).
  • Able to withstand high loads: hold 1000% short-term overload.
  • Independent load size or power factor - voltage to load ratio changes slightly from full to zero load.
  • Produces adjustable output voltage, which is in a sine wave.
  • Only the amount of voltage changes; the voltage form is not distorted.
  • Handles all load power factors. Can be used to adjust bank capacitors and or inductors.

Uncovered Model (SRi-XXXXXT-A)

Dimensi List Yoritsu SlideRegulator_Uncovered-3Phasa.png

uncovered yoritsu slideregulator-3P.png

Covered Model (SRi-XXXXXT-C)

Dimensi List Yoritsu SlideRegulator_Covered-3Phasa.png

yoritsu SR-covered.png

List Capacity Yoritsu SlideRegulator 3-Phasa.png yoritsu SR-50kva-1.png yoritsu SR-50kva-2.png

All Yoritsu Stabilizer are manufactured according to the SPLN standard. Yoritsu Stabilizer built with and according to the ISO 9001:2015 quality management standards.

Yoritsu Stabilizer also helps the customer with safety. We use our own quality system, which can be adapted to the wishes and requirements of the customer.


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